Miss Imke

Miss Imke - unsere neue Fremdsprachenassistentin stellt sich vor

Hi everybody! 

I'm Miss Imke, the new English teaching assistant at Gymnasium Schwertstraße for 2018/2019. Last year I came to Germany from the United States to be an English teaching assistant in Hagen, and I'm excited come to Solingen for my second year. Some of you may have already seen me in your English classes, and hopefully I'll have the chance to meet many more of you before the school year is through! 

I come from a small town in Ohio, and I completed my bachelor's degree in English and German at the Ohio State University in Columbus. My interest in those subjects are what inspired me to come to Germany to support your English teachers and share American culture with all of you. 

My time in Germany so far has been really wonderful—last year, I was able to visit Christmas markets, go hiking in the Eifel, explore Berlin, and get a little taste of Karneval. This year, I'm excited to relive some of those experiences and of course, to discover many new things too. I'm especially excited to experience school life at Gymnasium Schwertstraße and learn what makes this school unique. 

I'll be offering an English Conversation Club AG for students from 9th grade to the Q2, so if that includes you, I hope you come join me to have a nice chat and get to know each other. Even if you can't make if to the AG, I'm always excited when I have a chance to talk with students, so I welcome all of you to come up and say hi to me if you see me in the hallway! :) 

Hope to see you soon,

Miss Imke