Eastbourne - an exciting trip

On Sunday, June 5th 2011, classes 7c, 7d and 7e met in front of our school at 7 o´clock in the morning. Our two  coaches arrived there at quarter to eight, so we left Solingen at 8 o´clock. 6 hours later we came to the harbour and ferry terminal of Calais. After we had spent one hour on the ship and had arrived in Dover, we continued our trip. We had to get used to the traffic because the cars drive on the other side of the road, not like in Germany. We arrived at Junction Road, Eastbourne at 8 o´clock, I think. We went to our host family by taxi because our host mother couldn´t come to pick me and my friend up at the station. We were rather lucky with our host family. Mrs Wellings (Amelia) and her two children, Lukas and Torsten, were very friendly. My best day was June 7th, 2011 because we went to London. I have never been to London before. London was incredibly beautiful, I liked the London Eye most.

Inside the "London Eye"Inside the "London Eye"

In front of the Buckingham PalaceIn front of Buckingham Palace

The room Vanessa and I stayed in was really nice. It was small but we felt comfortable. I did not really like the first day in Eastbourne because we had to do the "Treasure Hunt". Actually it is a good idea, but it was not nice to do that on a rainy Monday. It was too cold and we got very wet. But on that Monday we went swimming in the sea. There were not very many waves so we were allowed to.

Trip to the Seven SistersOur trip to the Seven Sisters was really funny because of the wind. Later I was really tired of the long walk and went to bed earlier than the days before. On Thursday, our second day in London, we first went to the Modern Tate Gallery where I was able to send a video message to my real family. Then we went somewhere to eat sandwiches. we saw the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Camden Market was extremely cool. I bought a new dress and an "I love London"-pullover.

In the "Tube"In the "Tube", the London Underground

My funniest experience was the way back to Eastbourne by train that evening. My friends and I went to the train´s toilet and changed clothes. We wore our new dresses, that we had bought in London.

I loved the time in England and I would like to spend a second week there. I really hope that I can go there again. It was gorgeous!


Article: Lara Fleck, 7c
Photos: Mr. Merx


Another Report on our Eastbourne trip

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Some comments

"All in all the England trip was extremely exciting. we learned many new things about England, we saw many famous sights and learned a lot of English." (Adrian Stanneck)

"My host mum was very friendly and our house was incredibly colourful." (Laura Beismann)

"The fish and chips we ate in Eastbourne were very delicious. That was the best food I ate there." (Manuel Bischoff)

"For me the trip to Eastbourne was great – we had a good class atmosphere." (Johannes Drumm)

"Everybody there was very friendly and I was extremely sad when we went back home on Sunday." (Victoria Schemann)

"In the middle of the week we walked along the Seven Sisters; it was hard but it was worth it. When you stand on top of a cliff you have such a wonderful view of the seaside you can´t believe it….I would say that the class trip was an amazing, funny, lovely and unforgettable experience for everyone of us."  (Sabrina Küchler)

"When we arrived the weather was a bit foggy. So I had imagined England. Rainy and foggy." (Tim Langenberg)

"The funniest experience was the long walk to and on the Seven Sisters. At the end I had a sunburn in my face because I didn´t want to do what my teacher said. He said I should take a bit of suncream. Bad luck for me, but not so bad. In England there was nothing that I didn´t like. It was perfect." (Vanessa Koch)

"Anyway, Eastbourne was wonderful and I miss my host family. I hope I´ll see them a second time in my life." (Victoria Lehner)

"All in all it was the best class trip I have ever made." (Leonie Götze)


Eastbourne scrapbook 2011 - class 7e

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